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Time is Ticking Away; Don’t Wait to File Your Marvin Complaint!

“I am sorry, but you are just too late”. Those are words that a caring attorney never wants to say to his or her client. It’s a horrible feeling to tell a client that they have waited too long to seek legal assistance and file their Complaint. In the Marvin Action context, unfortunately, this happens all too often. Otherwise strong cases will be dismissed if they are not filed in a timely fashion. Delay can result in missing out on justice, and, potentially, a lot of money.

Referred to as “Statutes of Limitations”, the law sets forth various deadlines for the filing of civil complaints. Statutes of Limitations are intended to prevent situations where the issues are so far in the past that evidence is lost, memories faded, and witnesses either moved away or deceased. Other reasons include to avoid the surprise and unfairness associated with people being sued for actions that took place many years before. Statutes of Limitations make sense, but they can be harsh.

So what is the Statute of Limitations for a Marvin Action?

The answer is that typically, when there is no written agreement to pool resources (as is virtually always the case) a Marvin case needs to be brought within 2 years of when the breach of the agreement took place. However, every case is different, and this Statute of Limitations can vary. The specific facts and circumstances need to be analyzed very closely to determine exactly what the deadline is to file the lawsuit.

Individuals who believe that their former significant other might file a Marvin Action against them also need to know this information. That way, they can be ready to seek a quick disposition of a late-filed Complaint. They can also rest assured that when the Statute of Limitations has passed, they no longer need to worry about being sued!

If you or someone you know might have a non-marital cohabitation case, don’t let time tick away. Contact us today for a consultation.

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