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Remedies for Former Romantic Partners

How often have you heard clients, colleagues and friends with a long term boyfriend or girlfriend say that they don’t want to get married? They may say that marriage is just not necessary, that they don’t need a piece of paper to validate their relationship, or that they don’t want to end up in divorce court if they break up with their significant other.

As we all know, non-marital cohabitation is widespread in our day and age, with the stigma of “living in sin” decreasing to the point of irrelevance. The fact is, the popularity of cohabitation has risen to the point that it has general acceptance throughout American society.

However, what is less widely understood is what happens, from a legal standpoint, when the relationship ends. Does everyone just have to pick up the pieces and go their separate ways? The answer is both “yes” and “no."

Let’s deal with the myths that surround “common law marriage” in California. For instance, one version of this myth says that, depending on duration of a relationship, the same recourse exists for boyfriends and girlfriends as it does for spouses going through a divorce. The plain answer to that is “no.” There is no common law marriage.

However, there is something called a Marvin Action. California law does provide some remedies for former romantic partners. Marvin actions stemming from non-marital cohabitation are a rather complex hybrid of Family Law policy and concepts, as well as Civil Litigation procedure and substance. Not just any attorney is equipped to handle such cases. As such, you need the expertise of a firm with experience and demonstrated success in both Family Law and Civil Litigation, as frequently, these matters involve both Family and Civil court cases, issues and nuances. Without one piece of this vital puzzle, counsel will struggle to deliver the results their clients deserve.

The Buncher Law Corporation has emerged as an expert in Marvin actions, with a number of successful resolutions to extremely complex non-marital cohabitation cases, as well as some presenting a much simpler set of facts.

If you or someone you know was in a cohabitation situation and the relationship is now over, or if you feel as though you gave unselfishly and now have a personal understanding for the adage that “no good deed goes unpunished,” maybe you should consider your options. The Buncher Law Corporation is uniquely and strategically equipped to address both the “jilted” lover and the generous partner.

Count us in to help you get the best results when navigating these challenging waters.

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