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How Marital Property is Divided in California

At The Buncher Law Corporation, our Orange County divorce attorneys are experienced handling these sorts of complex property valuation and asset division issues. In handling such issues, we work with well qualified experts in the field of taxation, accounting and business evaluation, to best represent your interests. Several factors can add complexity to the division of marital property. At The Buncher Law Corporation, our divorce attorneys in Irvine are experienced in working with leading forensic accountants and business evaluators to resolve complex marital property issues in your best interests.

Differentiating Between Separate & Community Property

As the length of the marriage increases, property owned prior to marriage tends to become commingled with separate property. If the origins of the property cannot be traced, it will be presumed to be community property. Similarly, if business is started prior to marriage, but continued during marriage, the community will generally acquire an interest in that business if its value increases during the marriage. The spouse in control of the business may also attempt to deflate its value on business, while the other spouse may attempt to obtain a business evaluation, which causes the business to have an artificially high value.

More complex issues arise when:

  • Properties are refinanced during marriage placing title in both parties' names
  • Cash is taken out of the properties
  • The properties are put in a joint trust during marriage
  • A spouse attempts to conceal or hide assets

Furthermore, if houses or rental properties are owned prior to marriage, but improvements are made to the properties and/or the community property is utilized to pay down the mortgages, the community will typically acquire a partial interest in the properties.

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