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  • 14 Apr. 2017

    How Does Domestic Violence Change the Divorce Process?

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    Divorce in the State of California is based on no-fault grounds, meaning that even in situations where a spouse is accused of domestic violence, the ability to obtain a divorce typically involves irreconcilable differences between spouses. With that being said, this does not mean that violent acts will not have any impact on your divorce. Domestic violence restraining orders can affect the divorce ...
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  • 8 Jun. 2016

    Does My Spouse Have to Move Out When I File for Divorce?

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    When it comes to divorce, many aspects of a person’s life can change drastically – including living arrangements. In fact, one of the most common concerns many people fail to consider prior to divorce is whether or not a spouse has to move out once one spouse has filed a petition. In California, if a couple purchases a home together, the house is typically considered marital property. ...
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  • 20 Aug. 2012

    730 Evaluations

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    If you’ve been looking around for information on the 730 Evaluation, you probably have come to realize that there’s scant – reliable – information that tells you what to expect. The Courts rely on California Evidence Code §730 (ref: to appoint a child custody evaluator (thus the “730” designation). Evaluators are usually a licensed ...
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  • 16 Apr. 2012

    Suspect Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Neglect or Psychological Abuse?

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    If there is one thing that the headline stories about child abuse and domestic violence has taught us, the harshness of the crimes deserve our immediate attention. In fact, the more vigilant we are about this kind of crime, the more likely we can help prevent future abuses. According to the U.S. child welfare agencies over three million allegations of child abuse and neglect occur each year. And ...
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