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  • 5 Apr. 2012

    Understanding Guardianship

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    In very extreme situations where both parents are no longer able to care for a dependent, family members or even a friend of the family may step up and request 'guardianship'. A guardianship action can be initiated when a friend or family member other than a biological parent seeks either temporary or permanent decision making prior in respect to a child, and typically apply until the ...
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  • 3 Apr. 2012

    Stepparent Adoption

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    "The modern family is often a mash-up of previous relationships. Think 'Brady Family' and you come close to a picture of what I mean. In these cases, 'stepparent adoptionstep parent adoption' is the best solution." A stepparent adoption is where a child 's stepparent, the husband or wife of the child's biological parent, wishes to officially adopt the child as his ...
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