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1 Mar. 2018

Coming Up With A Co-Parenting Plan After Divorce

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

If you have children and you’re divorced, you might be disheartened that your ex-spouse will be in your life for a lot longer than you prefer. Afterall, you might not be married anymore, but you’ll always be your child's parents, so it’s important to know how to effectively co-parent after divorce.

At The Buncher Law Corporation, we encourage our clients to enter a new phase of co-parenting with respect and civility - not only for the clients’ emotional well-being but also for their children’s. Below are our four best practices for having a solid co-parenting plan:

Step 1: Come up with basic co-parenting guidelines

Just like when you were married, it’s equally as important to know what you each need from each other to be the best parents you can be for your children. Coordinate pick up times and continue to be a united front on household ground rules for bedtime, homework, and schedules. Children need regularity. If you and your ex-spouse can come together after the divorce to form a strong co-parenting agreement, your child or children will benefit more!

Step 2: Shield your child from conflict

Divorce is hard. It’s emotional and stressful and expensive! Maybe you have some unresolved issues with your ex-spouse, but that needs to be hashed out between the two of you. Don’t let your child hear you badmouth the other parent, and try your best to treat him or her with civility when in front of your child.

Step 3: Reassure your child - together!

Divorce is an extremely confusing time for any child. They might feel like their family is broken. If you can, it might be best if both parents came together to have a supportive talk with the children. Let them know they are loved and will continue to have the emotional and physical support of both parents. Just because you won’t be married anymore doesn’t mean you stop being their parents - make sure they know that often, and repeat it!

Step 4: Address co-parenting problems as they come up

Co-parenting is a work in progress, all of the time! It’s not going to be perfect from day one. Be as proactive in your co-parenting communications as possible. However, if you feel you both are struggling, it would never hurt to consider co-parenting counseling. Remember: this is so you both can be the best parents for your child! It’s okay to ask for a little extra help from someone with lots of experience in helping families like yours.

Being compassionate Family Law attorneys, we meet many families who stumble during and after the divorce process. It’s to be expected!

The Buncher Law Corporation is led by Certified Family Law Specialist, Sven Buncher. He and his partner, Lauren Mullee, provide high-quality legal services that are personalized and pragmatic. In all that we do, we strive to ensure our clients’ needs are met in a caring manner. We specialize in Family Law, Business Law, Marvin Actions, Palimony cases, and mediation. We work alongside clients ready to begin a new path to happiness for their family. If you’re looking for advice on your particular case or seeking legal representation, call our offices at (949) 398-8720 or fill out the form on the right-hand side.
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