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26 Jan. 2018

4 Vital Questions To Ask A Business Attorney

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, when you’re facing a potential or a real lawsuit, it can be quite a sudden and rude awakening. You might find yourself dumbfounded, quietly asking, “What’s next?”

When the potential of litigation rears its ugly head, finding outstanding legal representation should be your priority.

And while you may be tempted to move as quickly as possible, it is important to breathe and remember to take some time to carefully consider your representation. Especially when the future of your business may be at stake.

The questions you bring to any business attorney before they take on your case should not only make you feel confident, but comfortable as well. Any legal partnership should start out with any of the following questions to help you understand what they do and who they are.

What is your experience?

Your concerns and case needs are important - and it’s imperative to make sure they are addressed with skill. Ensuring that any potential business lawyer you may take on has handled complex situations will allow you to make your decision with confidence.

What might I have to do?

You can’t move forward comfortably if you don’t know what to expect. Making sure both you and your attorney know your expectations of each other can help you start out on the right path toward a positive client-attorney relationship.

What is your style?

Many attorneys operate in many different ways – and not always with your best interest at hand. Before starting a client-attorney relationship, ensure that you understand how your attorney works inside and outside the courtroom, and more importantly, how they communicate. You will want to find a legal team that will make wise decisions on your behalf, not create more billable hours.

Will you be honest about my case?

When you contact an attorney, you should want honest feedback about your case. Some attorneys will take cases solely because a client is willing to pay. Some cases can even be settled or handled without ever stepping into court, or without racking up the high legal fees.

At Buncher Law, we specialize in both family law and business law to help you make educated decisions when it comes to your business and protecting it. Founder Sven Buncher and partner Lauren Mullee lead the Buncher Law Team and believe in handling every case with compassion. Our firm is made up of a dedicated and knowledgeable team of legal experts, who are versatile in civil litigation practice and are experienced in handling complex financial situations. If you’d like more information, we encourage you to reach out to our team or fill out the contact form to the right. We pride ourselves on hearing our client’s concerns, understanding them, and providing top-notch customer service and responsiveness every step of the way.

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