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9 Feb. 2018

How to Navigate a Divorce with Dignity

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So, it’s been decided. The big “D” word was said out loud and, no matter your individual circumstances, both you and your spouse have set your sights on dissolving your marriage.

In some cases, going through a divorce can be just as emotionally charged and draining as the prolonged passing of a loved one - not to mention sometimes more expensive. Splitting assets and navigating the end of a long relationship takes a tremendous toll on spouses. Emotions run high. Arguments break out. And while this process can weigh heavily on adults, it can also have a permanent effect on children.

But this doesn't have to be the case.

Your divorce is exactly that - yours. You only need to know how to steer the ship.

Quit the “Blame Game”

If you’re seeking to get through this process as amicably as possible, it’s time to put any blame aside. If you need to take up a stress relieving activity to help, do so. Sign up for a new class at the gym or take up a new hobby. But leave blame at the door when it comes to talking assets with your spouse.

Learn to Cooperate

You need to learn how to communicate with your spouse in a civil manner. Whether this means setting up a list of what you and your spouse can and can’t talk about, or establish firm ground rules regarding a parenting plan, both parties need to be clear about their needs and expectations moving forward. This way, spouses can treat each other with respect and the process can run that much smoother.

Consider Your Alternatives

You may want to fight for what is yours. If the dispute is contentious, then you may need a strong litigator to secure what you believe is rightfully yours. Mediation is an alternative where both parties agree to attempt to resolve their issues through a civil agreement. Everything would be resolved with one legal representative assisting both parties. You would need to agree on all issues including child support, spousal support, division of community property, etc.

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