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27 Jan. 2017

Expenses During the Divorce Process

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Every person going through a divorce knows that the family’s shared finances are going to get be divided eventually, but most forget to monitor those bank accounts while the divorce progresses. Before your divorce finalizes, you need to keep one eye on your best interests and another on how much money is at your disposal. This is especially true if you are a stay-at-home mom or dad who made little or no official income while married.

Present and future expenses to remember while divorcing include:

  • Credit card bills or debt
  • Children’s college funds
  • Necessary expenses – groceries, utilities, gas money, etc.
  • Mortgages – are you keeping the home?

Will you have enough money in the months or years of the divorce to maintain your lifestyle without going into debt? Is your spousal support and child support being negotiated in a way that focuses on your needs and that of the children? Start thinking right now about how you will support yourself and your children at the end of the divorce, and don’t forget about retirement down the line as well.

Divorce Mediation Can Cut Costs

Legal battles are not inexpensive, no matter if you are talking about a criminal case or a family law dispute. Just paying for the court’s attention and time can end up being far more than a divorcé ever expected. If your divorce drags on because your spouse will not bend knee to anything, both of you can end up paying more on attorney fees than if you had worked together. Once again, will you have the money for those legal fees?

Divorce mediation can be a great way to minimize attorney fees – and other legal fees that don’t go to your lawyer – by working together towards a conclusion, rather than butting heads each step of the way. You and your spouse will only need to hire one joint divorce mediation lawyer, rather than both of you needing to pay for an attorney of your own. During the mediation process, your chosen joint legal representative will provide insight and clarity for laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to your divorce. This can allow each of you to have more confidence in your divorce agreement because the mediator cannot favor one person or the other.

Choose the Right Lawyer to Save Money

Choosing the right divorce attorney is also crucial if you want to preserve your finances during your divorce. Working with someone who doesn’t take your case to heart can lead to confusion and arguments that extends your case and, therefore, increases how much you are paying for attorney fees. Make certain the team of your choice actually cares about you, your family, and each member’s future.

At The Buncher Law Corporation, our Irvine divorce lawyers happily provide our clients with compassionate, interested, and open-minded legal support for all of their family law cases. Throughout our years of practice and experience, what makes us more proud than anything else are the stories we hear from appreciative clients, as can be seen in our collection of recent testimonials. Review some of them if you would like to know more about our service, or you can call 949.536.7500 and ask us directly. Be sure to ask about scheduling an initial consultation with our team as well.

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