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12 Feb. 2016

Divorce Filings Sky Rocket During the Month of February

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February is often recognized for its extremely popular holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day, which occurs on February 14. However, this month has also become widely recognized for a contradictory reason! Recently, studies have shown that the amount of divorces skyrocket in February. In fact, reports that divorce filings increase by nearly 40% during that time of year. Many wonder, “Why February? Why around Valentine’s Day?”

Some sources state number of divorce filings increases during this month for a number of reasons. Below is a list of possible explanations:

1. Couples Discover How Tight They Are on Money

Studies show that in January, more people file for bankruptcy than any other time of year. Of course, these financial problems become highlighted soon after, causing many individuals to notice their financial problems. These complications can cause couples to separate.

2. Holiday Bonuses Have Passed

Because many people receive monetary bonuses during the holiday season, many persons contemplating divorce may wait until after their spouse has received their bonus before deciding to file. Of course, once the couple has received the money, it can be easier for a spouse to make a decision.

3. Better to Have a Late New Year’s Resolution Than None at All

Some people decide to make New Year’s resolutions a little late. Persons in rocky relationships may decide they want to pursue healthier and happier relationships at the start of the New Year.

4. An Unfaithful Spouse Has a Greater Risk of Being Caught on Valentine’s Day

During the holidays, people who are cheating on their spouses often try to please their lovers and their spouses. These types of situations can become complicated right away, causing spouses to become suspicious and even aware of the unfaithful acts.

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