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10 Dec. 2015

I Think I Need A Second Opinion Before I Finalize My Divorce Judgment. Can You Help?

Posted By The Buncher Family Law Corporation


Everyone thinks they know a thing or two about family law. Chances are you know someone who's been through a divorce, you've followed a pop culture story about a divorcing celebrity couple, or your friend of a friend of a friend has family law war stories to share. Here's the truth: divorce is a pretty common reality in our society, and it becomes exceedingly difficult to sort out truth from fiction when we apply what's happening to the divorcing couple down the street with our own situations.

I have sat through countless consultations where my client is telling me that my advice doesn't make any sense because her best girlfriend had a totally different result in her own divorce case. I'm always quick to remind my client that the law isn't as black and white as we want it to be - that's why we need lawyers to argue and persuade, actually - and what worked for someone in their particular case might not be a perfect fit with our fact pattern. The bottom line is this: if you want the exact result that your friend received in her case, then you are probably going to need to switch out your life for hers.

But if you're unsure of the advice you're receiving from your current attorney, or if you believe that certain key facts and arguments are being overlooked, it may be smart to look for a second opinion from another family law attorney. If you are looking for a particular result, or if the Judgment that has been negotiated falls short of what you feel you deserve, you are always free to book a consult with an attorney for a case review. This may or may not be free, depending on the complexity of your matter, but a second set of eyes can't hurt.

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