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  • 22 Dec. 2015

    How to Handle Changes to Parenting Time During the Holidays

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    Divorce court judges tend to get busy around the end of the year, often because they deal with many cases involving parents fighting over access to their children during the holidays. Even though your parenting plan may clearly define visitation time, there are many reasons why you or your ex-spouse may wish to deviate from the plan, including unexpected visits from family, upcoming travel plans, ...
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  • 10 Dec. 2015

    I Think I Need A Second Opinion Before I Finalize My Divorce Judgment. Can You Help?

    Posted By The Buncher Family Law Corporation

    Everyone thinks they know a thing or two about family law. Chances are you know someone who's been through a divorce, you've followed a pop culture story about a divorcing celebrity couple, or your friend of a friend of a friend has family law war stories to share. Here's the truth: divorce is a pretty common reality in our society, and it becomes exceedingly difficult to sort out ...
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