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16 Jan. 2014

My Spouse and I Reached an Agreement With the Help of our Mediator. What's Next?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

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After successfully negotiating a divorce agreement with a mediator, you and your spouse should consider having an independent attorney review the terms of the agreement.

It is not uncommon for the parties in a mediation to also retain independent attorneys at some point during the process. A mediator works for both parties. Your attorney is your advocate. She can give you advice tailored to your specific rights and obligations under the law — in other words, explain in detail what you're gaining and what you're losing. Your attorney keeps your best interests in mind.

Many people think that the advice of an attorney can "blow up" your agreement. From my experience, that's simply not the case. Hiring an attorney to coach you on mediation specifics, strategy and claims can help you evaluate solutions and ensure that you're negotiating the best agreement possible for you and your family.

The worst thing you can do is attend a mediation as a spectator. You need to actively participate, suggest compromise and make decisions. Consulting with an attorney prior to mediation is a wise thing to do — and a lot cheaper in the long-run.

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