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  • 27 Jan. 2014

    Dealing With Child Custody in Family Law Mediation

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    In a litigated divorce cases involving child custody and visitation, the parties have two options: They can come to an agreement, or they can let a judge decide. If the idea of a third party dictating how often you can see your children seems intrusive and distasteful, child custody mediation may be a good option for you. A mediator can help you and your spouse frame a conversation relating to ...
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  • 20 Jan. 2014

    Retaining Experts in Family Law Mediation

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    Sometimes experts are needed in family law cases to offer opinions and recommendations. For instance, if the value of your house is at issue, a real estate appraiser can be retained to offer a written opinion as to current fair market value. Or if a family business needs to be evaluated, an accountant can be hired to review financial records and assess its worth. The services of experts are often ...
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  • 16 Jan. 2014

    My Spouse and I Reached an Agreement With the Help of our Mediator. What's Next?

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    After successfully negotiating a divorce agreement with a mediator, you and your spouse should consider having an independent attorney review the terms of the agreement. It is not uncommon for the parties in a mediation to also retain independent attorneys at some point during the process. A mediator works for both parties. Your attorney is your advocate. She can give you advice tailored to your ...
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  • 13 Jan. 2014

    The Basics of Family Law Mediation

    Posted By Buncher Family Law

    Family law mediation presents a way for parties to maintain control of the speed, cost and outcome of their divorce. One of the most significant benefits of mediation is that it allows you to bypass the court's bureaucracy. Your case proceeds on your timetable, and can move as quickly or as slowly as you and your spouse desire. Appointments are scheduled directly with the mediator, and you ...
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  • 6 Jan. 2014

    Navigating a Breakup: Why a "2 in 1" Attorney is Better When Unmarried Cohabitants Seek a "Marvin Action."

    Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

    A so-called Marvin Action is a lawsuit for alimony or a division of property accumulated while two parties lived together although never legally married. About half of our Marvin Action cases start out in family law court, as a petition seeking divorce. The petitioner will either claim that the parties were in fact married, or that he or she had a good faith belief the parties lived as if they ...
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