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10 Feb. 2014

Protect Yourself By Documenting Voluntary Support Payments

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Young Couple Sitting on Love SeatIf you're making voluntary support payments to your spouse, you need to make sure you're receiving credit for those payments and reaping the tax benefits.

Spousal support payments are tax-deductible for the payor, and includable as income for the payee-spouse. However, in order to claim deductibility, those support payments need to be recorded in writing by court order or voluntary stipulation.

In addition, an order compelling you to pay spousal support must clearly state that those payments terminate upon your death, or the death of the recipient. If you're making voluntary payments without a properly worded court order, you could be sacrificing the tax deductibility of those payments.

For the spouse receiving support, a court order can be equally valuable. Should your spouse stop making voluntary payments, you need to have the ability to enforce your rights and collect the money owed to you. Without a valid court order, this becomes a nearly impossible task.

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