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8 Apr. 2014

Divorce And Taxes: Just Finalized Your Divorce? It's Time To Reconsider Your Tax Filing

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Filling the Tax Form

There's a good chance your Divorce Judgment already provides the tax filing information you and your ex-spouse will need for 2013. A Judgment commonly addresses issues concerning minor children as dependency exemptions for tax filing status needs.

Typically, spouses file a joint return for any tax year they were married. A couple who divorced on December 30, 2013 for instance, cannot file a joint return for the year, but a smart attorney would have recognized that (if favorable to both parties), a short postponement by two days would allow for joint filing status.

After dissolution of course, the parties have the option of filing a separate return or may file as "head of household" if they qualify.

In Judgments that I draft on behalf of my clients, it is clearly specified when a party can file a joint return and when they must start filing a separate return. I provide for the allocation of tax refunds or deficiencies, and include language that compels cooperation by both parties to file timely joint returns. This is important because it eliminates any guess-work around tax time for my clients.

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