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26 Aug. 2013

How is Child Support Calculated?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Contrary to some popular myths, there is a big difference between spousal support and child support.

In the first place, the calculation for child support starts (and often ends with) simply applying certain state uniform guideline calculation formulas. This level of child support is presumed to be correct. However, thereafter, one may argue that specific factors and expenses should be considered in increasing or decreasing the amount of child support

The formula for calculating child support is quite complex, but performing the calculation is easy if you know what you’re doing. There are helper resources. From the Buncher Family Law website resources page, you’ll find a link to a free child support calculator provided by the State of California.

I’ve mentioned before two programs – Dissomaster ( and Xspouse ( These programs can be used to calculate both child support and Temporary Spousal Support. I have noticed that sometimes these providers offer free temporary trial versions that are downloadable from their site. Just google "Dissomaster Free Trial" or "Xspouse free trial" to check.

In utilizing the child support calculation software, one must input the each parent's gross income, the number of children for whom support is being determined, and each parents' relative periods of physical custody with each child, also known as “time share.”

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