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11 Apr. 2013

Preparing for Divorce: Looking Out for Your Kids

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A good attorney will tell you that preparation is essential in a divorce. At my office, we spend a great deal of time evaluating your present situation, itemizing your records, and optimizing your goals. What a difference it can make when a client comes to us well-prepared!

Every case may be different, but any case that involves a child has the same bottom-line: you want your child to be safe, to be loved, and to escape any hostility that may erupt in the divorce process. Thinking about a parenting plan for your child in contemplation of divorce can be excruciating.

I believe it is crucial to think about what you may want a parenting plan to look like before you actually file. Make sure you understand the principles of legal and physical custody, and start making every effort to get involved in the day-to-day aspects of your child's life. Get to know (or remain involved with) your child's teachers and doctors, stay up-to-date with their extracurricular activities, help with their homework, and generally be a strong presence in their lives.

If you and your spouse have already physically separated, think about the temporary plan you've already informally put in place. Are you happy with the parenting schedule? Do you feel short-changed on time with your child, or do you think you're shouldering the bulk of the parenting responsibility? These are important things to think about, because a temporary (and informal) parenting plan established pre-divorce can often establish what is called the "status quo" once a case is filed.

If an informal plan has been put in place, and no compelling reason is presented as to why it should be changed, you may find yourself in a situation where that informal plan becomes court-ordered. Put some good thought into the temporary plan you establish. You're never "stuck" with anything, but the longer a status quo plan remains in place, the harder it becomes to change.

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