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15 Oct. 2012

Should I consider an annulment of my marriage or dissolution?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

That's the trending question these days, based on emails we have received and the input from clients: the means of ending marriage. My motivation here is to clarify the topic in a series of posts. Anything that remains unclear, I urge that you contact our office or your attorney.

In California, there are three ways a marriage can be legally dissolved - when one of the married parties passes away; when a judgment of dissolution of marriage is ordered by the Court; or when a judgment of nullity of marriage is obtained.

A "nullity of marriage," also referred to in California as an annulment, is somewhat rare. Most clients looking to end their marriage consider a more straight-forward dissolution. However, an annulment of marriage may be appropriate if your individual circumstances fit within a specific statutory framework that has been carved out by the Legislature for nullity proceedings.

The decision to pursue an annulment of marriage may or may not be an easy one for you to make. This can be a difficult area of the area to explore on your own. Ariel Tello is an associate with The Buncher Law Corporation in Irvine. His practice is focused on family law litigation and mediation. For a free consultation, and more information on the process, please contact our office at (949) 398-8720.

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