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4 May. 2012

Who Gets the Children?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Refrigerator Art.

You know what I'm talking about: the scrawls, doodles and scribblings of your children boldly displayed on your family's refrigerator door. We parents look at this art form with such pride and love; each scrap symbolizing every nurturing moment. Our children see this ad hoc gallery as a symbol of our acceptance; our unconditional love.

Unfortunately, from time to time, relationships between adults get in the way of their relationship with their own children. When situations become intractable, parents will pursue divorce proceedings with great fervor. During that process, the love that parents have for their children sometimes takes second place to the hostility they harbor for each other. They focus on hurting their soon to be ex-husband or ex-wife by using the children as a tool in their negotiations. And if the adage rings true that children learn from their parents, then imagine the lessons these parents are teaching through the course of their divorce.

Dr. Peter Favaro, a court-appointed child custody evaluator with 15 years of experience, wrote a book Smart Parenting During and After Divorce. Because of Dr. Favaro's vast experiences he understands the effects divorce can have on families, especially when emotions, legal maneuvers and other issues affect children. He wrote his book to guide parents through the process of creating co-parenting situations that are easier for children and better for the overall family structure - which, for better or worse - will always exist in some form.

The bottom line is that adults can divorce their spouses but they always have a relationship with their children. In lieu of damaging children for life, says Dr. Favaro, parents need to find a way to put aside their hostilities and focus on building the best co-parenting solution for their situation.

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