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28 May. 2012

Can You Afford Justice?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Justice, as most people imagine it, may only exist in books and movies.

In the real life world of divorce proceedings, nobody truly wins or loses. Although the question is often asked of attorneys, "How many cases have you won?" it is important to understand that successful divorce proceedings are not measured by who wins or loses. Put another way, divorce cases are settled and every settlement is a "win."

Another important point: going to trial in front of a judge is costly.

Instead of the parties determining for themselves what is a fair settlement, all the power is handed to a judge who hears the arguments, listens to testimony and attempts to impart a fair division allowed under the law. Again, no party is winning or losing the judge is just determining what the settlement will be between the parties.

There are always mitigating circumstances in which trial will be the best option. If a trial is necessary, then choosing the right attorney becomes VERY important. People think they want an attorney with the reputation of being a bulldog in their corner. What they don't realize is that the bulldog is typically less interested in their client's best interest and more interested in getting as much billing out of the case as possible. A typical divorce proceeding can cost between $5,000 and $10,000 per party. If you choose to have your case settled by a judge at trial you are looking at spending $30,000 to $60,000 per party. Often people let their emotions determine their actions. In some truly egregious situations, the bulldog "substitutes out" of the case and leaves their clients with no money and an incomplete divorce.

When hiring your attorney, look for someone who you deem as trustworthy, an effective negotiator who is a skilled orator and has excellent writing skills. Instead of bulldog, you need an aggressive negotiator who will be with you till your judgment is filed with the court. Take some time to consider what your ultimate goal and budget is, and then choose to make decisions based on this instead of emotion.

I'll close with a bit of irony, the $60,000 case typically ends up with the same settlement as the $5,000 case. It just takes the parties longer to get to that point.

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