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17 May. 2012

A Bulldog Attorney - Are you kidding?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

When considering any legal action, is a bulldog the best thing to have in your corner? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding NO!

I'm astounded by how many of my colleagues promote themselves as "bulldogs." In fact, the best attorney to have is one that acts in your best interest without any hesitation of going to court when appropriate.

A “bulldog” in the common use of the term is an aggressive attorney who is will litigate every issue, turn every technicality into a sordid trail of paperwork - and bills. A bulldog attorney generally will not get you the best results; a bulldog attorney will be very costly, as it is very expensive to bring motions continuously and delay the eventual trial. Judges don't like it either (just a hint).

Most people simply cannot afford such unnecessary litigation activity and will run out of money before they reach trial. And guess what happens next? The bulldog attorney - seeing that you can no longer pay his fees and then withdraw from the case, leaving you without means to afford legal representation.

A bulldog attorney is unlikely to help you make the best business decisions in your case. He or she will advise that you litigate on every issue to obtain the maximum award. But think about the rule of attrition and diminishing returns. Isn't the bulldog approach tantamount to "winning the battle but losing the war"?

Take for example the bulldog attorney who advised her client to proceed with a hearing to increase spousal support for a relatively small amount. To prevail at such a hearing, the client had to retain an expert to conduct something called "a vocational examination." For that, the client needed to subpoena certain bank and employment records, employ additional filing costs, and so on and so forth. The NET cost through the end of the hearing was $7,000 and the increase in spousal support was barely $7,000 over two years. My advice: settle the matter for a bit less, leave your attorney with fewer bills, avoid the hassles and get on with rebuilding your life sooner.

The best type of attorney is one that will advise you of your alternative options and guide you to what is in your best interest. To have such an attorney, it is important to find one that regularly litigates issues and is comfortable in the courtroom, but also adept at settling cases, rather than encouraging a battle of egos.

If you are considering filing for divorce and are seeking an attorney who you can trust to keep your best interests at heart, we invite you to contact The Buncher Law Corporation. Our Irvine divorce lawyers are standing by to offer you the assistance and guidance you need.

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