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20 Jun. 2012

How to Save Money in a Divorce (Part I)

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

We want to think of divorce as the worst-case situation; the last resort. Nevertheless, if divorce becomes the last resort, know that there are ways to save money. Divorce, like any other major event, requires advance planning. You can do a few things without an attorney such as close joint accounts, start individual accounts, work out a financial plan - common sense moves that will benefit everybody.

Here's one tip that rarely gets on the "top 10 things to do when getting a divorce" – don't use your attorney as your therapist.

Okay. Take a moment and get over it - but I'm very serious. An attorney's role is to counsel people about their rights under the law, help them define what they want from their divorce, devise a strategy to reach the client's end goals and assist their clients under the law with various issues and motions that might come up through their divorce.

It is not the role of your attorney to deal with the emotional aspects affecting you through your divorce. More important, you do not want to pay $300 plus dollars an hour to have your attorney hand you a box of tissues. Nothing against therapists, but that's the role of a marriage counselor. If you find that there are a lot of emotional issues involved in your divorce or it is a very contentious divorce you might want to hire a therapist in addition to your attorney.

Any good attorney will be able to recommend a good therapist and it will surely be a much cheaper and more beneficial way to deal with the high stress a divorce can place on an individual. The most important thing to remember is that when making decisions with your attorney you want to try to make these from a rational standpoint, not an emotional one. Typically, it is the emotional decisions that cause divorces to be costly and more often than not you end up with the same result had you not engaged in such a contentious battle with your ex-spouse.

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