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11 Jul. 2012

How to save Money in a Divorce (Part II)

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Start by learning about the divorce process before you start the process. Educate yourself and research California statutes; seek out friends who have gone through the process, and closely examine how your financial situation may affect your divorce. Also, figure out what divorce options are available to you; i.e., collaborative divorce, mediation, et cetera.

A good attorney will have a wealth of information on both their website and/or a blog that will typically answer many questions you may have. In addition, there is much educational information regarding divorce on county and state websites.

One thing that your attorney will want you to do is for you to get your financial house in order. Your attorney may have you do is fill out a schedule of assets and debts and an income and expense declaration. The links go to the California Judicial Council, California Courts, so these are the most current. Familiarize yourself with these forms and see how much of it you can fill out prior to going to see your attorney.

While your family finances may start the tone and process of your divorce, you'll have plenty of other questions. Keep a list of them as they come up and as you prepare for the divorce process. One thing that I highly recommend is that you articulate what it is that you are trying to accomplish through the divorce: for instance, 50-50 visitation with children, keeping the current residence, spousal/dependent support. Also include what you are willing to give up to accomplish your goals.

Above all, stay organized. Being prepared, educating yourself, and staying on top of the process will keep you on track and in the long run save you time and possibly a great deal of money.

For more information about your family law matter, please visit the Buncher Law Corporation. Disclaimer: This blog does not constitute legal advice.

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