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12 Apr. 2012

The Elkins Family Law Task Force: Reforming the Way Californians Divorce

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Here's a development that I think points to the progress that we've made to streamline certain processes that - in their current form - are far more complicated than they need to be.

In 2008 the Elkins Family Law Task Force was created in response to the lack of efficiency, the high cost and the complexity of divorcing in California. This task force set out to research and make recommendations on how California divorce could be handled more efficiently and make the system both more accessible and easier for those seeking to divorce.

Some of the key components of their recommendations include: making legal services available to self-represented litigants; the establishment of case flow management rules to improve how a case moves through the system and ensure that trials are not interrupted; and create funding for training of minors counsel, child custody evaluators, court staff and court officers so as to improve services within the court system.

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