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3 Apr. 2012

Stepparent Adoption

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

"The modern family is often a mash-up of previous relationships. Think 'Brady Family' and you come close to a picture of what I mean. In these cases, 'stepparent adoptionstep parent adoption' is the best solution."

A stepparent adoption is where a child's stepparent, the husband or wife of the child's biological parent, wishes to officially adopt the child as his or her own. Some families like to do this so that the whole family has the same last name and to make the family feel closer and more unified. Further, an official adoption can have implications for inheritance and wills. As well, stepparent adoption often makes the child feel even more loved, secure and part of the family than he or she may have felt before. Adoption hearings are a joyous event; extended family is invited to attend and take photographs of the newly minted parent and his or her child, with the judge

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