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9 Apr. 2012

Should Alimony Laws Be Changed

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

This recent article I read on US Today, Jan 18, 2012 "Should alimony laws be changed?” is interesting because it shows how some of our time-honored laws have become outdated. For instance, alimony laws were put into effect at a time when it was believed that women (more than men) needed more protection. Law-making is like that. There are many laws currently on the books that were designed to protect classes of people who, today, no longer need the same protections due to changes and growth over time. The 1950s family is not representative of what the 2012 family looks like thus the Family Laws created to protect woman in the 1950's do not apply as well to woman in 2012.

With that said in California the law might protect Michael Morgan (the bedridden Alzheimer patient in the article who is paying alimony to his ex-wife per ruling in Florida courts) in that the husband must have some source of income in order to calculate spousal support earnings. If the husband is bedridden and not working, he pays no support, unless he has some source of income like royalty checks et cetera. Thus why some states may be on the move to making changes my opinion is that Alimony Laws should be addressed to be more relevant to family matters of 2012.

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