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23 Apr. 2012

High Conflict Divorce & The Effects on Children

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

Emotions run high in divorce cases. And that's just when everybody agrees to the terms of divorce. When there is high conflict - e.g., disagreement of terms and provisions, then you can take all the lessons of civility and chuck them out of the window. Sometimes, it is shocking how parents forget that their fighting due to their own unresolved emotional issues within a marriage, but how these issues can cause great damage to their children.

Research shows that in high conflict divorces, children respond by:

1. Acting out with violent behavior, less effort in school an inability to manage their own anger;

2. Turning Inward, displaying emotional problems as depression and sometimes physical symptoms like headaches and stomach aches appear; and

3. Inability to work well with others due to the lack of example they have had in their lives becomes apparent and leads to low self-esteem and poor relationships as an adult.

The rule of thumb - take a deep breath and think about the collateral damage the adult world of divorce may have on your children. For more information on how to prevent children from suffering through your divorce visit:

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