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19 Apr. 2012

Facebook and the Family Law Courts: Divorce your Facebook Page

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

I never imagined that I would ever make this kind of suggestion, but as an Irvine family law attorney, and were I your attorney taking you through a divorce, I would strongly recommend that you also take steps to divorce your Facebook page as well.

More and more we are seeing how social networking sites provide opposing counsel with evidence. Pictures can be incriminating as they can be misinterpreted and information about your new car or gifts to a new girlfriend may open up questions as to your actual assets. Lastly, it should not be a forum to fight with your spouse as we all know that when tempers flare words are used to cut in the moment which can come back and hurt you at a later date.

Don't fall prey to the legal consequences of putting your private life on display during an emerging divorce case. For more specific information on how your activities online may affect a pending divorce, contact an experienced family law attorney at The Buncher Law Corporation today.

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