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23 Feb. 2018

Three Simple Steps When Preparing For A Divorce

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

There are several items, options, and scenarios to consider when gearing up to handle the end of a marriage. Your head might be swimming with questions on how to proceed.

Spouses should be ready to brace themselves emotionally and financially. However, there are 3 big factors everyone needs to ruminate on when staring down the barrel of a big divorce:

  1. Personal counseling
    Spouses decide to dissolve their marriage for a variety of reasons - abuse, feelings of a betrayal, or a sense of emotional distance… No matter the situation, the end of a relationship can be a time filled with a tremendous amount of stress and turmoil.

    Having a counseling professional for support can help you deal with the uncertainty of life during and after divorce.

    Or perhaps joint counseling is the best course of action.
    Joint counseling presents couples with the opportunity to reach closure on unresolved issues and make the divorce process that much smoother. Also, the better both you and your spouse are able to conduct your separation with civility will help your children's’ transition through the process much easier.

  2. Financial Paperwork
    Once the decision to divorce has been made, often your soon-to-be ex-spouse will begin:

    A. Canceling credit cards.
    B. Hiding and diverting funds.
    C. Removing the other spouse off of joint accounts as an authorized user.

    Thus, before the “D” word is ever mentioned, it is in your best interest to collect as much financial information as possible. Later, after your divorce is filed and in the event that your spouse “cooks the books,” you’ll be able to present evidence and perhaps show a breach of fiduciary duty (subjecting them to major sanctions, such as having 100% of the subject community property given to you).

  3. Skilled and Affordable Legal Representation
    It’s no secret: divorce is expensive! Finding an affordable divorce attorney that fits your needs and will aggressively defend your case can be a lot like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Some bulldog divorce lawyers will litigate for litigations’ sake, racking up as many billable hours as they can at your expense. It’s vital - whether you’re seeking representation for a conventional divorce, an amicable divorce by mediation, or defense against a possible Marvin Action case - that you pair yourself alongside an attorney who is going to aggressively defend you, without aggressively billing you too.

    At The Buncher Law Corporation in Irvine, the courthouse is our other office. We do not fear litigation, and the opposing counsel will always know that if they take a matter to trial against us, they will be up against experienced, savvy, and skilled litigators.

    However, we are not bulldogs. We only care what it is in your best interest and will only litigate an issue if it is what is best for you or your case.

If you have a question regarding your divorce case or wish to schedule a consultation, call our offices at (949) 398-8720 or fill out our contact form on the right-hand side.

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