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27 Jan. 2014

Dealing With Child Custody in Family Law Mediation

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In a litigated divorce cases involving child custody and visitation, the parties have two options: They can come to an agreement, or they can let a judge decide. If the idea of a third party dictating how often you can see your children seems intrusive and distasteful, child custody mediation may be a good option for you.

A mediator can help you and your spouse frame a conversation relating to custody and visitation of your children. A mediator can also guide you through a thicket of other issues such as vacation and holiday schedules, extracurricular activities and child care costs.

Issues involving children can be emotional and subjective. Retaining a mediator who is charged with listening to both sides and suggesting solutions - and defuse conflict – may be one of the smartest decisions one can make in a divorce case.

A mediator won't act as a judge and render a final decision. She will listen to each party's goals and work to understand the reasoning behind those goals. A mediator can help each party understand the other's arguments, and try to address those arguments for the other's benefit.

Starting a dialogue is the best way to bring about compromise. Candid discussions guided by a mediator can help the parties learn to solve problems and reduce conflict.

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