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16 Apr. 2012

Suspect Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Neglect or Psychological Abuse?

Posted By The Buncher Law Corporation

If there is one thing that the headline stories about child abuse and domestic violence has taught us, the harshness of the crimes deserve our immediate attention. In fact, the more vigilant we are about this kind of crime, the more likely we can help prevent future abuses.

According to the U.S. child welfare agencies over three million allegations of child abuse and neglect occur each year. And every year these agencies are able to substantiate more than one million instances.

Often a spouse will choose to divorce based on the psychological effects that they feel a child may be suffering due to living with a parent who is abusing drugs and alcohol. If a teacher, neighbor, nanny or relative suspects abuse and reports it to a child welfare agency then you risk having Child Protective Services make decisions for you in order to protect your children.

Seek knowledge from attorneys and psychologists to do what is best to protect your children.

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